Hungry Versus Hunger

“I’m hungry,” remarks my grown son. He opens the refrigerator door, studies the contents, and then declares, “There’s nothing in here to eat!” and walks away. Vegetables, milk, eggs, and a casserole sit on the shelves.

Contrast this scenario with refugees living with no food in war torn Syria or elsewhere. This is the reality of the hunger crisis plaguing our world on a daily basis. What can you and I do? 

Start by praying. Pray for those in this situation. Pray for creative ways to make your church aware of Global Hunger Relief and Global Hunger Sunday on October 13, 2019. In the past our church sold tickets for a secret meal. Imagine the surprise of the attendees when they received only a bowl of rice.

Have children collect soup cans, attach Global Hunger Relief labels and distribute to church members for a month. Ask them to pray for those in need and for food distribution. At each meal make a contribution. At the end of the month, return your offering to the church with a label designating it for Global Hunger Relief.

Hunger is real for millions of people around the globe. By all means, give and find ways you can help in your community and beyond.

Laura Leathers oversees the Garden Project at a detention center. 






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