All Talk?

Often we concentrate on missions in foreign lands, losing focus of needs lurking close by. I was shocked to learn that an area of our city was the most food-deprived in our state. Although our thriving congregation contributed during holidays, we could do more.

Several like-minded individuals devised the following plan:

  • Secure staff approval—always the first step. Prayerful, God-centered leaders provide guidance in any endeavor.
  • Assess the most effective way to reach the ones in need. Since we were already contributing to a community-based organization distributing food baskets, it was decided to increase our donations.
  • Implement channels to involve church members. Sunday school teachers would inform their classes, a Bible study group volunteered to take on the project, and the children’s director loved the idea of involving the kids and intertwining giving to others into their activities.
  • Post attractive announcements, place inserts in bulletins, talk it up.
  • Discuss tactics to keep venture alive as hunger would likely continue to be present.

James 2:1617 speaks of “knowing but not doing.” Not an option!



Involvement in this missions endeavor fulfills a long-held desire of Cynthia Price and other church members.






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