Don’t Go There!

“I shouldn’t have done it. I knew better. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop.”

My remorseful friend stood before me with head down. I reassured her that I understood. We all travel damaging paths sometime. But hers was a craving that could end her life, and she knew it. Determination was on her side though, as she resolved to “get it together.”

Letting go of something harmful is difficult. But releasing a long-held ambition presents a peculiar quandary that also requires commitment and steadfastness. The goal I want to pursue is totally honorable, except for one thing. For some reason unknown to me, it’s not God’s will, at least for now. No explanation is obvious. But in my heart, I just know I must leave it alone.

The temptation remains to pursue my desires, and opportunities do arise. But in Exodus 33:15, Moses tells God he does not want to go where His Presence does not abide. Doing “my thing” without God would not be wise.



Encouraging fellow believers, as well as seekers, brings incredible joy and satisfaction to Cynthia Price's work days in the medical field.






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