Learn-Serve-Fun Days

Kindergarteners through sixth-graders at our church engage in unique missions during their SON Kids summer program. Three areas of activities are involved.

On Learn Day, the youngsters are taught basic skills of using hammers, rakes, garden tools, scissors, needles, and thread. These new abilities will be implemented in the next phase of SON Kids.

Anna, our enthusiastic children’s director who oversees the entire project, seeks out the elderly and homebound. On Serve Day, these seniors are treated to a variety of indulgences. Conversation and singing are shared; even delicious meals are delivered. Where needed, yard work and simple home chores are performed. Anna verbalized the value of the time spent. “This ministry is the connection to the church for these homebound because they miss the fellowship so much.” She also witnessed that, to the amazement of all, “the rowdiest, most unsuspecting kids give out extra hugs!”

Fun Day is the reward for these young people’s efforts. A trip to a water park, games, and a picnic make them happy and remind them they have contributed joy to the lives of others.


Cynthia Price thrills to see youngsters motivated to mission action, as for many this will transform into a life-long pursuit.






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