Living a Missional Lifestyle by Refocusing

How can I refocus my life to have a missional lifestyle and take up my cross to follow Jesus daily?

Volunteering as a Missional Lifestyle

Let me begin by saying since I retired from my career in public relations and teaching public relations, I have coined the job title professional volunteer. A friend of mine calls me a schizophrenic missionary because I’m always going in so many different directions. For example, I love volunteering with WMU because it offers many opportunities to serve in various missions-related activities, from short-term missions trips to leading missions education at the local church. Additionally, I have a very missions-focused church. At our recent missions fair, we had more than 40 missions/ministry organizations participate because each had a personal connection to our church body. And yes, I wanted to be involved with every one of them.

But, alas, to be intentional about serving Christ with my best, I need to focus on the cross I am to carry daily. Or maybe just refocus. What missional lifestyle has Christ called me to live? Where can He use my gifts and talents best?

Teaching as a Missional Lifestyle

Teaching is my passion. Teaching Bible lessons is the best lesson-planning of all. So for the last 6 years, I have taught the Bible class for Friendship International of Austin. But the number of internationals in my class waned from 14 to 0 last year. So this year, I used a more creative approach. I changed the title of my class to English Conversation and use Bible stories to begin the conversations. I now have 2–4 students each week and they are enjoying our conversations. It took a little refocusing and a lot of prayer, but with God’s help, it seems to be working.

I have used my love of teaching in a Chinese university’s English conversation class, in explaining how to teach English as a Foreign Language to high school English teachers in Inner Mongolia, and in various seminars in Europe, Asia, and locally as well as leading young girls to understand Southern Baptist missions. Many times, I employed God’s Word and its basic principles serendipitously.

Refocus on a Missional Lifestyle

As I wrote this, I prayed for God to help me refocus on which of the dozen or so missions projects He wants me to focus on. What is the cross He wants me to take up daily in order to serve Him with my all? Surrendering my all to Christ allows me to see that my cross is the one that helps me keep my eyes on Him because He wants my best.

Yes, I want to do it all. But I am only one humble person with limited abilities and time, not to mention stamina. So I have to make choices. I want to live the missional lifestyle to its fullest, but it is best when I pick up my cross and follow Christ’s calling on me. What is He calling you to do today?                          

Virginia Kreimeyer believes living a missional lifestyle carries its own cross for Christ.

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