Missions Matters!

Sometimes it “pays” to look down. This is one way our family finds extra funds for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

When our children were young, we began the tradition of depositing any money found throughout the year into our Mission Jar. This included money discovered in the pockets of clothing to be washed, in vehicle seats, between couch cushions, and especially lying on sidewalks—I once stumbled across $7 this way! In December, we would take our money to a coin changer and include the total in our missions offering.

While our Mission Jar was a family project, it is always interesting to discover the creative ways churches publicize the international missions emphasis. My friend Sue’s church makes Lottie Moon come alive for young children by displaying a life-size cutout of Ms. Lottie and allowing the youngsters to compare their own size to this diminutive missionary to China.

Denise’s church sponsors a missions fair. It has also designed a unique ornament for purchase with proceeds going toward the offering. Several local churches create an in-church post office where Christmas cards are personally delivered by volunteers and the stamp cost is contributed instead to international missions.

This offering opportunity as well as the accompanying mission study and prayer focus should certainly leave most of us without excuse in intentionally finding a way to include Lottie Moon’s legacy and international missions in our Christmas celebration.

Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress loves Jesus, missions, writing, the east Tennessee mountains, and her family. Connect with her at lettiejk@gmail.com.

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