Rice for Christmas

Mrs. Susan captivated the VBS children with the huge Christmas package. But they were crestfallen when the contents were revealed. Rice, dried beans, flour?

Having made innumerable medical mission trips and also dispensing staple food items to families, Mrs. Susan explained that children in other countries are elated when they receive a bag of rice. Whereas, “unfortunately we all have so much that we are ungrateful.”

Utilizing VBS informational materials, the children’s interest was piqued when they learned they could provide food for a child in a foreign country. Inspiration flamed and action ensued! At week’s end, 1,201 meals would be supplied.

Additionally, VBS attendees learned about the daily lives of five children from different countries and compared their religion to Christianity. This group was asked to pray, by name, for a child. The leaders often reported hearing, “I prayed for my new friend today.”

The latest VBS food mission? “Mac ‘N Cheese Please," a ministry for seniors in our city who are food deprived. The kids are on it!


The response of these VBS children motivates Cynthia to stay the course in connecting these young ones to missions.






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