One Good Turn

Recently, I heard from a church planter in Louisiana and a Girls in Action® director from a larger church in Mississippi. Besides both being from the South, these individuals only have two things in common: they both love Jesus and value children’s missions discipleship.

Their understanding of the need of children’s missions discipleship is what brought these two together. Through a mutual friend, the churches were connected and the larger Mississippi church purchased a Children in Action subscription for the church plant in Louisiana for three years.

We’re talking approximately $200. Just a drop in the bucket to any large church. No big deal, right?


This gift—small to that Mississippi church—will allow the church plant to share the Great Commission and tell stories about missions work happening across the street and around the world with children who have never been part of a missions organization. Eventually, those children will participate in missions.

To the church plant in Louisiana, this is a big deal.

What happens if every church who already has Children in Action, Girls in Action or Royal Ambassadors® decided to reach out to a church plant in their community or across the nation and provide children’s discipleship materials? Think about how many more children would learn about their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

This simple partnership idea could make a huge impact on churches and the lives of children.

This month, consider reaching out to a church planter in your community. Ask about providing a subscription to Children in Action. Help the planter understand WMU, WMU’s role in missions discipleship, and the benefits of a Children in Action organization. Discuss what children learn and how the material is structured. Be ready to mentor a new leader.

You’ll bless a church and community as you help more children learn about and participate in missions discipleship.

Don’t know of a church planter? Call your associational office or your state convention office. They would love to put you in contact with someone in your community or your state who wants to partner with you in their ministry.

And when we all work together, more children will come to understand that they can have an active part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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