Back in the Day

“Back when I was a child . . . ”

Didn’t we always hate hearing those words from our parents? We knew what would follow: they had walked to school uphill, in the snow, with no shoes or socks, etc.

Did your parents say things like that? Mine did.

The other day, I was talking to Evan, my 8-year-old son. I was talking about finding some information that I needed. I said, “Back when I was your age, we had to go to the library and look in the encyclopedia to find information like that.”

Evan looked at me and said, “Dad, today we’d just Google it.”

He’s right. “Back in the day” won’t solve all of the questions of today. I do know that.

Over the last few months, there have been many changes in our missions education materials for children. You’ve probably noticed many of those changes. Maybe some you’ve missed. Or, maybe you are trying to find some information that will help you teach better this week. Whatever the case, let me answer a few questions about the changes you may have noticed.

I’m a CA leader and I can’t find the “Family Missions Focus” and “Extras” information in my magazine. Where can I find it?

With our recent redesign, we added more pages to Children in Action Leader. As the magazine was redesigned, we had to ask ourselves what was most important to include in the limited number of additional pages. After looking at our research and listening to the users of our materials, a decision was made to add more instructional pages to the magazine. To allow for those extra pages, something had to be moved. So, we moved the “Family Missions Focus” and “Extras” pages previously found in Children in Action Leader to the web. You can now find both pieces at

Why did you change the CA Promotion Pack, GA Promotion Pack, and RA Promotion Pack? 

After listening to children’s leaders across the country, it was determined that the “shelf life” of the promotion pack needed to be longer than one year. After all, the mottoes, Scripture verses, and pledges don’t change each year. So, to help leaders struggling to balance their missions education budget, we made the individual promotion packs products that will remain in circulation for 3–5 years (and we lowered the price of the packs to $6.99 each). In the near future, we’ll reevaluate the need to continue those products or not. To increase the shelf life of the promotion packs, we also removed the attendance chart and badge/patch posters from the packs. The attendance charts and badge/patch posters can now be ordered separately ($4.99 each). They are also included for no additional charge in the September/October/November resource kits for each organization.

We need to register our group, but you’ve changed your website and we don’t see where to do that! HELP!

Thank you for noticing that our website has changed! We’ve worked to make our website more responsive to handheld devices, tablets, laptops, etc. While those changes were being made, our entire website was refreshed in an attempt to make it more user friendly. However, we know that when things get moved from where they are normally found, it can be confusing. If you would like to register your missions organization, simply click here.

We know we haven’t answered all of your questions. As you have additional questions about our curriculum, products, websites, social media, etc., please let us hear from you at We’re here to serve you.



M. Steve Heartsill is the managing editor for Royal Ambassadors, Children in Action, and Challengers.


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