Being a Better Parent

I really stink at being a parent. Just ask my eight-year-old son. He’ll tell you.

Well, I don’t always stink at it, but too many times I do. I make wrong parenting choices. I raise my voice. I lose my cool. I don’t provide the right example for my son. So, yes, there are plenty of times that I qualify for the “worst parent of the year” award.

Oh, I never set out to be a bad parent. I try to be the parent God calls me to be and that I want to be for my son. But, I fail.

How about you? Do you ever fail as a parent?

While it may not be cool to admit it, and we rarely see such an admission plastered on the jacket covers of parenting books at the local bookstore, most parents fail from time-to-time. And, we fail miserably.

Quite frankly, there are times I want to give up. Those are the moments when I realize that I’ll never be all that I’m supposed to be or all that my son needs me to be. But, as my wife reminds me, quitting isn’t an option.

What’s a failed dad supposed to do?

Well, as in all areas of life, I find myself praying and seeking God’s wisdom to be a better dad.

Thankfully, God doesn’t give up on me when I fail. He’s working in me daily to change me and how I parent. I’m blessed to have a godly wife who encourages me, challenges me, and yes, shows me the errors of my ways when that’s what I need. And, I have a son who pushes back when I’m wrong.

This parenting stuff is tough. And, yes, it does stink sometimes.

But, God has placed me in this role and He’s given me wisdom in His Word about how to be a better dad.

Tell you what. I’ll pray for you as you learn to be a better dad or mom. And, as you have opportunity, I’d appreciate any prayers you can offer on my behalf.

With God’s help, maybe we’ll stink less at being a parent.


M. Steve Heartsill is managing editor for Royal Ambassadors and Challengers.


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