Celebrate CMD: Get Everyone Involved!

This year marks the 10th annual Children’s Ministry Day, so shouldn’t your experience be bigger than ever this year? Bring attention to your project, children’s organizations, and missions by incorporating other groups this year.

Consider these ideas:

  • Ask Mission Friends to take part in your CMD event by assembling items needed before your event or cheering for your group as you prepare to leave for your project.
  • Acteens and Challengers can become team leaders for small groups within a large group. Involve them by asking them ahead of time to lead a team and ensuring they understand their role in the project.
  • myMISSION members can take part in your CMD event by providing needed supplies or serving as adult chaperones for small groups.
  • Women on Mission or Adults on Mission members can add to the project by providing a debriefing and celebration time for children to report about their experiences.

What if you don’t have other organizations to help support your CMD event? Look at your congregation and consider ways that you can involve individuals in the day. Consider asking:

  • parents of elementary children to send supplies for your project.
  • students to stay at the church and pray for children as they minister to neighbors.
  • young adults to provide a meal or snack for children once they have completed the project.
  • senior adults to serve as additional chaperones.

One of the keys to a successful Children’s Ministry Day is involving others in planning and carrying out the event. Just because you are the GA leader, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

And, who knows? You might find that someone you’ve asked to help you with a one-time event is interested in becoming an assistant leader or helping as a substitute leader in your group.

Blessings as you help children learn how to love their neighbors!



Heather Keller serves as the GA and CA consultant at national WMU, enjoys celebrations, and has a disco ball hanging over her desk at work. She and her husband Tommy have two boys and enjoy serving as GA and RA leaders in their own church.


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