Children's projects for a postmodern world

Construction paper ready for projects

As our society believes more and more that any belief is acceptable, children need plenty of practice sharing truth and what they are learning about the one true God. As children's missions leaders, you and I have the awesome opportunity and responsibility to empower children to speak out about Scripture. 

Try these ideas with your children’s missions group to give them opportunities to share truth with others in your community:

  • Scripture bracelets: Cut construction paper into one-inch strips. Encourage children to make bracelets from the strips by writing this month’s Scripture verse on the strip and closing it with a sticker. Children can share the bracelet with a friend or relative as they discuss what the verse means to them.
  • Color share: Encourage children to learn the colors of the plan of salvation and be able to explain what they mean. Teach children that when they are in a discussion about colors they can share what the color reminds them of in relation to the plan of salvation color guide. A sample conversation might be: 

Anna: My favorite color is yellow. What is yours?

 GA: Mine is purple, but when I think of the color yellow, it reminds me of the streets of gold in heaven. I smile because I’m going to go to heaven and be with Jesus one day. Have you ever thought about colors reminding you of important things?

  • Creative symbols: As children learn a new Scripture verse or a missions story that resonates with them, encourage them to create a symbol to represent that story or verse. Help children think of all the places they could display that symbol. When asked about what it means, children can easily share the story or scripture with friends and family.

Leaders who help children find ways to share what they are learning and know to be true are helping children live a missional lifestyle in an ever changing world. The more we prepare them today, the better they will be equipped for whatever tomorrow may bring their way.

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