Getting to Know St. Louis

This month, we hope you'll lead your group in learning about the Lovelace family and the gospel work that is happening in St. Louis, Missouri.

Throughout the month, you'll learn about:

  • the Gateway Arch
  • the answered prayers of the Lovelace family
  • how the Lovelace family makes disciples in their hometown
  • the value of teamwork
  • the importance of participating in Christmas in August

Here are some St. Louis fun facts you can share with your group as you dive deeper into understanding the people, city, and spiritual needs of St. Louis:

  • Visitors to St. Louis can take a ferry ride across the Illinois River!
  • Do you like to learn about birds? The World Bird Sanctuary is a great place for bird watching and for injured raptors to call home.
  • Do you like to cool off on a hot, August afternoon? St. Louis's Citygarden is a great place for splashing around, enjoying a picnic, exploring sculptures, and so much more.
  • Who would have thought you could hike in St. Louis? Well, at Castlewood State Park, you can do just that!
  • Learning can be fun! That's especially true at the St. Louis Science Center. Hours and hours of fun can be had while learning about science, fossils, dinosaurs, and more.

St. Louis is an incredible place to visit or call home! The Lovelace family also finds it to be a place where the gospel is needed. During August, let's learn about and pray for the city of St. Louis and church planters like the Lovelace family.


Learn more about St. Louis and the Lovelace family in the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2018 issues of GA Leader, RA Leader, and Children in Action Leader.


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