Incorporating Technology into Missions

I recently reflected on stories my father told me about his childhood. He spoke about going to the "picture show" with his siblings, which was a special treat for them. It was often the newsreel footage that intrigued him the most—he enjoyed seeing the clips from around the world, because it was new to him. The world seemed so much bigger then than it does now. Today, we live in an age where technology is literally at our fingertips. But how can we incorporate technology into our missions?

Let's take a look at world missions. In my father's day, one would have had to rely on a world atlas and an encyclopedia for most information, whereas now information is as close as our favorite internet search engines. A wealth of pictures and information about a particular region or people group can be downloaded in a matter of moments.

I posed this question about incorporating technology into missions to a church audio/video tech who has been on several mission trips, and he offered a few thoughts. He mentioned that one of the biggest obstacles is being unable to communicate with the church back home. I experienced that obstacle myself. The logistics of the time difference combined with little to no cell service often made it extremely difficult to communicate when I went on a mission trip to India. He explained that a good texting app, which works with WiFi or in a hot spot, is quite handy for this. He went on to say that a blog through social media could be a good way to communicate with the church members back home.

Much of what is discussed here could be adapted for home missions as well, such as using video through social media to promote missions in our groups. With advances in technology, the world will continue to shrink as we endeavor to carry out the Great Commission. Look for fun ways to incorporate technology into your weekly missions lessons and connect children with the world.


by Todd Jones


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