Using Technology for Missions

Isn't it amazing how much more of the world we can reach each new day? Technological advances in today's society have opened so many new doors to people we could never have reached just 20 years ago, and they have broadened our influence within our own communities.

Most of us have a handy little device that combines many of the biggest technological breakthroughs of today right in our pockets. It's a flashlight, camera, television, camcorder, and communication device all wrapped up in a handheld package. Our phones are how we stay in touch with the world, near and far. So, how can our phones be used to bring glory to God in our missions work? There are so many ways!

First, we have easy access to the people we influence. Chances are, you have the parents of the children you lead on your Facebook page or in your contact list. It would be so encouraging to send them a message telling them you are praying for them and their children!

Second, influence tends to spread! With parents' permission, make creative videos of missions projects the children in your group are doing. Share your group's progress along with theme verses. You can even download a fun picture-editing app to include verses on photos of the group or individual children. These photos and videos can be shared and reach many people. Who knows the hearts that can be touched?

Be creative! Don't be afraid to try new things to reach your community and your world with the gospel and your mission!


by Hannah Bell


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