Asking Good Questions

A well-told story should be followed up with good questions. Jesus not only told stories but was masterful at asking questions before, during, and after His stories. Questions help children package what they have heard and make personal application.

Below are three types of questions to use with every Bible or mission story you tell:

  • Head questions call forth the facts of the Bible or mission story. These questions prepare children to tell the story to someone else because they can remember the details. Head questions are “What?” questions based on observation. They are easiest questions to formulate.
  • Heart questions help a child interpret the story. They are designed to make children think about changes that need to come about in their lives. Heart questions answer the questions “Why?” and “So what?” They focus on implications and interpretation.
  • Hands questions move children to apply what they have learned. They call for specific, personal action. Hands questions are “How?” and “Now what?” which call for application.

As you prepare to tell a Bible or mission story, write out accompanying head, heart, and hands questions to use with children. The more you formulate questions, the easier it will become. Asking questions helps children explore the story on various levels, understand what it means, and understand how to apply truths to their lives. You will be pleasantly surprised at what children will remember about the story and how they can turn around and share the story with others. 

by Janet Erwin


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