Your CMD 2019 Stories (Part 3)

We have more stories for you! Let’s hear what children from across the country did for this year’s Children’s Missions Day to tell the good news to their communities.

“For several years our church has asked members to commit to praying for the officers and employees of our local sheriff’s department. Individuals or families take a magnet with the name of an employee as their reminder to pray for them. For our CMD project, we collected items to make appreciation bags, snack baskets, and cards for the sheriff’s department. The GAs wrote a Bible verse which we glued in the back of a memo book. Included in the bags were several small items: the memo book, pen, sugar-free gum, lip balm, tissue packs, hand sanitizer, sanitizing hand wipes, car air freshener, and peppermints. Through donations from the entire church we made 3 snack baskets, 70 appreciation bags, and a box of treats for the K9 officers. As a special project the children donated over 20 stuffed animals to use as comfort items when an officer encounters a child in a difficult situation. On February 23, we had 13 children help make the bags, write cards, and deliver the items to the sheriff’s department. The children and leaders were thrilled to meet one of the K9 officers and see where the 911 calls are answered. We prayed with the officers and told them how much we appreciate them and that Jesus loves them.” (Check out the photo to the right for a glimpse of their awesome day!) 

— Union Baptist Church, Mississippi


“Our small group baked cookies for Children’s Missions Day. We then packaged them and decorated the packages with Bible verses. We delivered them to senior church members and several members of the community who have been on our prayer list. The children loved delivering and visiting with each person!”

— Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Virginia


“We made cards with a message of God’s love and our appreciation and attached a candy bar. We delivered them to our local waste management office for the trash collectors to each take one.”

— Morgan Baptist Church, Missouri


“Our GAs and RAs made salvation bracelets as a Week 4 project in January in preparation for Children’s Missions Day. On the day of the event, we took the children to a local park where we distributed the bracelets (with an explanation card) and cups of hot cocoa to those at the park.”

— Calvary Baptist Church, Texas 


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