Your CMD 2019 Stories (Part 4)

We have more stories for you! Let’s hear what children from across the country did for this year’s Children’s Missions Day to tell the good news to their communities.

“Our children took up money from our congregation during the month of January. They went shopping and selected items to fill gift baskets on February 9. On Saturday, February 16, they divided the snacks, packed the baskets, and delivered them.  They packed peanuts, chips, protein bars, nabs, cheese crackers, cookies, beef jerky, popcorn, fresh fruit, fruit cups, pudding cups, candy, water, sports drinks,and handmade cards from the children. We then delivered the gift baskets to the local fire houses expressing our thanks and appreciation for their service to our community. One house even allowed the children to get in the firetruck and explore as heturned on the lights and sirens and blew the horn!  The children enjoyed the whole experience and hopefully learned how important it is to do missions in our communities.” (For a glimpse of their awesome day, check out the photo to the right!)

— New Sight Baptist Church, Mississippi


“Our group put together folders of adult coloring pages and a variety of colored pencils. The kids made cards telling of God’s love and their prayers. They delivered these things and a lot of bulk snacks to Hope Welcome Center for the people who travel to our area to visit incarcerated loved ones.”

— Temple Baptist Music and Missions, Texas 


“We make cards and baked cookies for homebound and sick people in the community. We also make lollipop flowers, that we gave out to about 130 people, that were happy reminders that Jesus loves them! Kids had a blast being crafty and bakers!”

— Tioga First Baptist Church, Louisiana


“Riverport as a church collected items for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Delta Regional Medical Center.  On Children's Missions Day, the children of the church created “Jesus Heals” cards and packed the baby items in reusable bags. After all of the bags were packed, the group left Riverport and went to DRMC. At DRMC, the children were able to see the sick and premature babies. The bags will bless 20 different families and the nursing staff.”

— Riverport Baptist Church, Louisiana


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