More Than "Just An Open House"

Spring is an ideal time to host an open house. An open house provides the perfect opportunity to let people in your church know what is happening in missions. Try some of these ideas for a great event:

Make it a party!

Send invitations, decorate, serve party food, and play music. Try a special time and place.

Invite key people!

Your kids can do this. Don’t forget to include parents; former GAs, RAs, or CAs; church staff; church leaders; potential leaders; and potential members.

Pick a fun theme! 

Add an unexpected element of fun by choosing a theme such as one of these:

  • “Meet a Missionary”— Kids portray different missionaries they have learned about during the year. They could dress up in traditional clothing to represent the countries or areas where missionaries serve. Encourage your group to share fun and interesting facts about the different missionaries and their ministries.
  • “Back Door Missions”— Focus on how missions opportunities are just outside everyone’s back door. Have information available about area projects. Include community prayer cards to help focus prayer and displays of ways to serve in your own community.
  • “Unique Treats”— Set up stations containing unique food items featured in the various units for guests to sample. Display information about the missionaries and the different countries or focus areas at each station. Kids could serve as hosts. 

Display missions!

Set up “exhibits” to encourage participants’ interaction throughout the event: posters from units of study, scrapbooks, crafts your group made, games that kids played, and missions artifacts.

Whatever you decide to do, make your open house fun and interesting to leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Guests will love seeing what kids are learning and doing in missions. 

by Gina Smith

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