Missions Camp: A Lasting Impact

Nearly 15 years ago, I stepped into a place that would soon become one of my favorite places on the planet. There were no TVs or cell phones—just the excitement of young girls ready for an amazing week. This place I have come to love is the girls’ missions camp in Farmington, Maine. Throughout the years, it has been such a joy to serve at a camp that God has used to develop missions hearts in the lives of so many young girls.

This isn’t a fancy camp full of extravagance, but it is a camp that teaches girls about the extravagant grace of Jesus and how they can know Him and share His love with others around them. One former camper, who is now on staff, recently said, “Missions time at camp was always my favorite, because that is where I learned that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him all around the world. Getting to spend that personal time with missionaries, learning about their victories and struggles, and seeing their faith through it all was encouraging and absolutely impacted my decision to pursue missions when I graduated high school.” Missions camp has been life-changing for her, and it can have the same impact in the lives of girls and boys in your church.

I encourage you to seek out these opportunities with your state WMU to engage the children in your church in this life-changing missions camp experience.


by Lena Plunk

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