The Great Summer Missions Challenge

School is out, the sun is hot, and the days are long. It is time for "The Great Summer Missions Challenge" for your church. The mission: In just one month, fill a bulletin board or entire wall with pictures of people doing personal missions projects.

As a missions leader, challenge the children and families of your congregation to participate in missions projects for an entire month (either June, July, or August) during summer vacation. Gather your missions leaders together and ask them to help you design a list of missions project ideas. Post the missions project ideas on a church bulletin board or even in the Sunday morning worship bulletin. Participants may do the projects with a Sunday School class; a GA, RA, or CA group; or even as a family.

When participants complete a missions activity, have them take a picture and email it to your church missions leader or church secretary. Use the photos to fill a bulletin board that has been placed in a central location in the church building. Challenge your church to fill the board with photos before the month is over. Once the board has been filled, choose a way to celebrate as a church, such as hosting an ice cream party, creating a slide show for a Sunday morning worship service, or any other creative idea your team designs.

Promote this summer challenge each week and coordinate with your pastor to allow time in your worship services for testimonies. "The Great Summer Missions Challenge" could be a great launching point to engage your entire congregation in personal missions involvement through your children's ministry.

by Christine Conrades


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