Children’s Missions Open House

Coming attractions, sneak peeks, and previews—we all want to feel like a part of a select group of people who have an insider's view of what's to come. Use that desire to your advantage and plan an Open House for your children's missions group. 

  • Invitations: Lead kids to create invitations. Younger kids can use crayons and construction paper; older kids can put their graphic design skills to use and create invitations on the computer. Invitations can be delivered or mailed to parents; former GAs, RAs, or CAs; and even potential members. You might even want to create a few invitations for adults who might be interested in becoming leaders!
  • Snacks: It's not really a party without food and drinks! This can be as simple as serving chips and dip, or you could search through some recent copies of your member and leader magazines for recipes that your group enjoyed.
  • Crafts: Consider saving some of the craft projects your group has created and have an art gallery. Or, kids could create posters that showcase some of their favorite parts of GA, RA, or CA. Older kids might want to make a video or slideshow of pictures from past events. Consider asking former members to bring pictures from their time in these groups.
  • Upcoming Events: This is a great time to make sure parents and others know what's happening in your group. Be sure to pass out flyers or create posters advertising any upcoming events you have planned.

Finally, don't forget to ask those potential leaders to join you at a children's missions meeting. And make sure to invite kids who aren't regular attenders of your group to join you at your next meeting. This sneak peek might be just the thing needed to grow your group!

by Michelle Suarez


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