Back to School FEST

It’s time to get things revved back up for a new year. Why not consider a festive approach? Here are some ideas to excite your returning kids and interest new recruits:

F—Fun! You know the kids in your missions group. Do something they think is fun and unexpected—inflatables, water games, karaoke, large-scale scavenger hunt, costume party, "missions mystery" dinner, etc. Get them intrigued and excited about inviting friends. Go all out! Investment in the beginning really pays off.

E—Energy! Energy is contagious, so hype up your event with all you've got. When people get excited, they get involved. Pull out all the stops—posters, social media, personal visits, and key figure involvement.

S—Sensory! Each child's learning style is different, as is the way he or she processes information. Knowing this, you can plan an event to reach all five senses. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feel of missions lend themselves to all kinds of fun and thrilling experiences.

T—Tangible! Kids in this age range are typically very concrete thinkers, thus they relate to tangible projects. Include a missions project in your event. Given the time of year, you could collect supplies for area schools, migrant camps, military families, Christmas in August missionaries, or even for the early stuffing of Christmas care packets.

As you prepare, please keep in mind your children with disabilities. Activities should take their needs into consideration and be all-inclusive. A little planning and excitement can make your kick-off event the grand entrance into an amazing year!


by Ginger Smith


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