Bountiful Prayers

Inspire your GAs, RAs, and CAs to count their blessings and lift up prayers for missionaries. 

Plenty of Prayer Blessings—Invite children to write prayers of blessings (thankfulness) on small squares of paper and fill a cornucopia. At the end of the unit, share the prayers. Remind children that God likes to hear our prayers of thanksgiving.

Flip Our House—Write missionary prayer requests on the backs of house-shaped cutouts. Place the houses on the floor as though on a street. Invite children to “flip” each house and read the prayer request. Ask an adult or child to lead in prayer.

Follow the Arrows—Knowing what to do is not always easy when it comes to building relationships and being a friend to neighbors—for missionaries as well as children. Inform children that sometimes we have to look for signs to help guide us and that prayer is the best place to start. Create a Start sign at one end of the room, and then write requests on arrow-shaped signs. Prompt children to follow the signs and pray for each request as they go.

Mountain of Rocks—Use a permanent marker to write prayer requests on rocks, or write requests on paper and tape to the rocks. Place a “mountain” of prayer requests in the middle of the room. At the appropriate time, gather children around the mountain to read and pray for the requests given.

Hot Air Prayers—Write prayer requests on the outside of inflated balloons (helium would be fun), or write the requests on paper and insert into plain balloons before inflating. Gather together to read and pray for each request.

“Scent” Prayers—Write prayer requests on small slips of paper. Wrap the request around a cinnamon stick and tie with yarn. Tell children that offerings of sweet aroma were given in Bible times. Use the cinnamon sticks to remind children to pray each time they smell the sweet scent so their prayers will be “sent” heavenward.

Wad of Balls—Write prayer requests on half sheets of white paper, then wad into tight balls. Place the balls in the center of the room. Encourage children to go in and kick the balls to one another. After a short time of “soccer” play, ask each child to un-wad a ball and read the prayer request. Join hands in a circle and say sentence prayers.

An “A-peel-ing” Prayer—Provide a banana and a permanent marker for each child. Write a prayer request directly onto the outer peel of the fruit. (It may be necessary to write for younger children.) Encourage children to pray at home before eating the fruit.

by Judith K. Moore


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