28 Reasons to Give Thanks on November 28

During a recent meeting with a co-worker, we began to list things we are thankful for. Then we asked ourselves, “Can we make it to 28 because Thanksgiving is on the 28th?” And before we knew it, a third co-worker jumped in to help with the list. Needless to say, we could have listed many more between the three of us, but we stopped at 28.

So here you have it, straight from Heather, Carmen, and Zachariah. Here’s just a glimpse of what we’re thankful for this week of Thanksgiving 2019:

  1. Jesus.
  2. Leaders who plan amazing experiences for kids each week. (We hear about these all the time and are blown away with some of the things leaders do with our curriculum each week. Amazing!)
  3. Kids who send us amazing drawings in the mail. (We love mail!)
  4. Time with our families.
  5. Our team.
  6. Recycled craft supplies.
  7. Churches that answer the Great Commission and lead with missions discipleship for their children.
  8. Writers who dream up super cool activities for GAs, RAs, and CAs.
  9. People who tell others about Jesus. Amen.
  10. Missionary kids (MKs). (They are rock stars in our book!)
  11. Prayer calendars.
  12. Badge and patch ideas. 
  13. Shared holiday treats. 
  14. Fuzzy sweaters, scarves, and hats.
  15. Van drivers who take kids to church on Wednesday nights.
  16. Opportunities to meet new friends.
  17. Making and delivering cookies to new friends.
  18. Children’s Missions Day. 
  19. Changing seasons. 
  20. GA recipes/ GA Chef
  21. Leaders who send us pictures of their kids doing amazing things. (We love mail!)
  22. Opportunities for men to mentor boys in missions through Royal Ambassadors
  23. Empowering young Christians to be on mission.
  24. Cool craft projects for kids.
  25. Changing leaves.
  26. Laughter.
  27. Learning about different cultures.
  28. Opportunities to answer the Great Commission.

We know there are a ton of things we could have listed—these were the fast and furious first ones that came to our minds. Please know this holiday season, we are praying a prayer of thanksgiving for GA, RA, and CA leaders; for your kids; and for the work you do each week to help them understand their role in the Great Commission. What an awesome opportunity to grow the kingdom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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