Christmas in August

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Christmas in July” before. Radio stations play Christmas music while you drive down the road in the blistering July heat, and retail stores display Christmas shirts next to the shorts and swimsuits.

But have you ever heard of Christmas in August? Christmas in August focuses on spreading the joy of our Savior’s birth long after the Nativity scenes have been boxed up and the Christmas carols have quieted. Christmas in August is an opportunity for your missions group to give back to the North American missionaries serving God’s kingdom.

A missionary serving in St. George, Utah, was overwhelmed by the support shown during Christmas in August. He said, “The supplies and gift cards you sent have made a tremendous difference for us as we seek to minister in our town.” His church received well over 200 boxes from 17 states.

Your church’s missions groups, along with the entire congregation, can support missionaries during Christmas in August 2016. The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few ideas:

Pick a missionary. Choose one missionary for your church’s Christmas in August project. Post the supply list all over the church building and include it in the church bulletin. Over several weeks or months, collect the items in the lobby of the building. Host a church-wide packing event, or have a team of church members package and send off the gifts.

Assign a missionary. You can include everyone in your church by giving each Bible study class or missions group a missionary and his or her list. Have them collect the items over several weeks. You will then need to package and send them off. Encourage each group to have a packaging party or dinner, or host a church-wide event for every group to come together to finish the missions project.

Pray for a missionary. Plan in advance to hold a prayer service, either during regular worship time, on a Sunday or Wednesday night, or any other night that works for you and your church. Use this time to pray for a particular missionary, a particular place, or for missionaries in general. Conclude the service with a love offering and send the money to a missionary family in need.

For the full list of Christmas in August 2016 missionaries and their needs, visit


Jessica Ingram served as the summer intern for the Children’s Resource Team.


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