#CMD2016 Project Ideas

Children’s Ministry Day is just around the corner (February 13). If you don’t yet have an activity planned for the children of your church, don’t fret. Consider one of these easy-to-incorporate ideas:

  • Hometown businesses—Celebrate small businesses by sweeping doorsteps, cleaning front windows, and delivering homemade goodies. Remind them how much they are appreciated in your community and then also share information about your church, what your children are learning in missions, and an invitation to worship with you next Sunday.
  • Love on a Stem—Gather a variety of single-stem artificial flowers. Help children create a tag to place on each stem. These can be mass-produced or individually created. On the tag, have children write a Scripture verse or a Bible truth. Deliver to a local nursing home or assisted living facility. As children present a flower to each resident, have them tell what they are learning in missions, share memorized Scripture, or even sing.
  • Door knocking—Invite the children in your missions groups to join you on a walk around your church’s neighborhood. Knock on doors and invite children to come to your next meeting, church service, or special activity. Children can make door hangers or reminders to leave with families who may not be home.

Whatever your project this year, remember that the idea is for children to reach the unchurched in your community with God’s love. Show children that living out the Great Commission can be an easy, yet rewarding way to live life!

And, remember to report your project and submit a picture on our reporting form: wmu.com/cmd.

Here’s to #CMD2016!

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