Fall is Coming!

A famous pastor once preached a sermon titled “It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming.” Of course, the sermon alluded to Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified and how desperate that day often seems. But, as the pastor reminded us, we can’t stop on Good Friday; we have to look forward to Resurrection Sunday.

Well, to play off of that sermon title, let me remind you that “It’s June, but the new church year is coming!”

Even in the heat of summer, the cooler days of fall will be here before we know it! Our missions organizations will kick off another year of teaching boys and girls about the Great Commission, missionaries who serve around the world, and ways they themselves may be called by God to serve.

As you prepare for the new church year, here are a few ways to start preparing now:

  • Be sure to order the magazines and products you need sooner rather than later! We generally tell customers to allow 4–6 weeks for delivery of materials. We don’t want you to miss out on a single item you need, but time is fast getting away for having the materials delivered on time.
  • All missions leaders in the local church need to purchase a WMU Year Book. The Year Book is the one place to go for all things related to WMU in a given year. In the Year Book, you will find our plans for the upcoming year, Scriptures to be studied, missionaries to be focused upon, and more. The WMU Year Book releases each March, so you can begin planning early!
  • Don’t forget, as you are planning for your children’s organizations, the Mission: My Life Promotion Pack is an invaluable tool to help you plan for your CAs, GAs, and RAs. In this promotional pack, you’ll find posters, decorating tips, ideas, and much, much more! You’ll absolutely love the ideas you will discover here!
  • Some of you are already beyond planning for the fall and are thinking about the International Mission Study in the winter. We know how our leaders love to plan! So, this year, we’ve released the International Mission Study materials early! As a matter of fact, they are ready NOW! Click on the link above to see all of the materials and to place your order. This winter, boys and girls will learn ways that God is moving in Norway and the Nordic Cluster! We can’t wait to see and hear how God uses these lessons.

Don’t wait on your planning for the new year! Too much is at stake as you teach your children about the importance of missions. As you think of ways that national WMU can help you, please email us at children@wmu.org. We are here to serve you!


M. Steve Heartsill is the managing editor for Royal Ambassadors and Challengers.

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