Leading Missions on a Shoestring Budget

Even if you aren't on a tight budget, we all need to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to us. With that thought in mind, consider these ways to stretch what is allotted for your children's missions group:

  • Recycle. We all know we should use recycled items for storage and for craft projects. But also consider choosing crafts or activities based on the items you may already have on hand. Consider how you can tweak activities and still have the same learning experience by using materials you may already have.
  • Plan ahead. Buy needed items when they are on sale. You can also buy items in bulk if you are going to use them over the next year, have room to store them, and can find a good deal. Be careful not to over-buy, though, or create a storage problem for yourself. After-holiday sales are a great time to stock up on stickers, hard candy, stationery, and craft supplies.
  • Ask for unusual donations. What can you do with something a business would use for just one season and then throw away? Think about all of the display materials, posters, cardboard displays, and cardboard that a grocery store or small business might throw away at the end of a season and consider how you could use it to impact your group. In reality, the business is probably overrun with requests for donations, but your request won't cost them anything and will generate goodwill. Why not ask?

Limited budgets give children's missions leaders the opportunity to be a little creative, make wise decisions, and be good stewards of what the church has entrusted to them. Do you have other tips or ideas? We'd love to see them on our Facebook pages: facebook.com/GirlsinAction and facebook.com/RoyalAmbassador.


by Heather Keller


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