Let's Give Thanks . . .

This month, let's give thanks . . .

  • for missionaries celebrating birthdays this week. May God guide major decisions and touch important conversations in amazing ways.
  • for children who come to church for Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, or Children in Action. May the lessons we teach them shape their worldview and help turn their hearts to God’s calling.
  • for MKs (missionary kids) celebrating birthdays this month. May God send them friends to celebrate with and remind the MKs of His love for them and their families.
  • for children’s ministers and church staff who understand missions discipleship for children lays a foundation of missional living for tomorrow’s church.
  • for families preparing to serve on the missions field in short-term assignments or as a full-time career. May we support them financially, emotionally, and prayerfully in the coming days.
  • for state and associational WMU offices who tirelessly plan, prepare, and deliver quality training events as they encourage churches and individuals to be on mission. May they be refreshed and renewed during the holidays as they prepare for spring events.
  • for the editorial and design teams who work together to create children’s missions lessons each quarter. Thank You, God, for putting together an amazing team that only You could have orchestrated.
  • for the activities in the children’s magazines each week that inspire kids to laugh, think, and create. May they help children see God and hear His calling.
  • for leaders who lead lessons that help kids understand what it means to live on mission. May God use these leaders to point children to salvation and sharing God’s love with others.
  • for leaders who prepare exotic recipes and crazy crafts each month because they know kids will remember mission stories and activities better when they are experiencing them. May those kids give their leaders a huge hug!
  • for sticky hands, grubby fingers, dirty faces, and bright eyes that absorb every word their leader shares with them each week. May those children grow in knowledge and passion for sharing God’s love with others.
  • for the assistant leaders who are always ready to jump in and serve. May they realize that the class would not function without them.
  • for the parents who bring their children to church each week. May the hour they have in an adult class or meeting while their child is in missions education be a time of refreshment and joy and learning about God.
  • for the families of children who receive handmade crafts and hear stories about missionaries their child learned about in missions group. May they be excited for what their children are learning as they learn something about the Great Commission from their children.
  • for congregations who witness recognition services each year. May they realize that badges and patches are an important outward sign of what a child has experienced over the course of a year.
  • for the virtues Royal Ambassadors teaches boys to live their lives by. May God use the RA Pledge, Scripture, and Virtues help guide young men to answer the Great Commission.
  • for the Girls in Action Pledge, Scripture verses, and Motto. May God remind girls of their responsibilities to Him, to the church, to their communities, and to the world as they memorize and put these elements into practice each week.
  • for the Children in Action Pledge, Scripture Verse, and Motto. May children learn to raise their hand and say, “Send Me!” like so many others have fearlessly done.
  • for children who go to school and share something they have learned during a weekly GA, RA, or CA lesson. May their words bring someone closer to knowing God.
  • for the leaders in our own lives who have helped mold and shape us into what we each are today in Christ. May those leaders from the past see their legacy live on in what we do and teach today.
  • for the children who will tell their missions leaders that they know God is calling them to the missions field when they grow up. May those leaders encourage the children and familes in following God’s will!
  • for the church who nurtures children to seek their unique calling in God’s kingdom. May God use the church to help guide children.
  • for the leader who is tired this week. May she be reminded that what she does makes a difference in the life of a child.
  • for the leader who finally feels like his kids understand what he’s talking about this week. May he remember how he inspired kids to learn this week in the weeks ahead.
  • for the leader who is discouraged this week. May he be reminded that teaching children may sometimes be thankless, but is always worth the toil.
  • for the new leader. May her excitement never wear off, and may she have mentors come beside her to encourage her to grow.
  • for the leader who doesn’t quit, even when he doesn’t have help. May he find a coleader to work with, plan together, and pray together.

As you gather together with friends and family this week to give thanks, know that our staff is praising God for the work you do to inspire children to walk closer with God as they learn to answer the Great Commission.

Heather Keller is the mom of two boys, a student leader in her local church, and the national WMU GA and CA consultant. 


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