Need a Simple Art Project Idea for Thanksgiving?

Kids often enjoy experiencing the world through their own art creations. During this season of thanksgiving, help kids create a list of things they are truly thankful for and document them on homemade hand turkeys. (We're bringing back a classic!) You'll need light colored construction paper, markers, and crayons for this project.

Here's what you do:

  1. Talk to your kids about things or people you are thankful for in each of these categories: your family, friends, job, and church. Make sure your kids understand a simple reason you are thankful for each. Ex: My job allows me to do something I like to do and make money to support my family.
  2. On a dry-erase board, help kids make a giant list of people and things they could be thankful for in each of these categories: family, friends, school, and church. 
  3. Direct each kid to draw a hand turkey on his or her construction paper. Guide kids to write each of the 4 categories on the fingers of the turkey (the tail feathers), and tell them to draw the turkey's face and wing.
  4. Outside the turkey, kids should write all the people and things they are personally thankful for in those categories. Remind them to review the list on the board as needed.
  5. Direct kids to color their turkeys.

During your prayertime, ask kids to thank God for someone or something in each category. Close the prayer in the same manner. As kids leave, remind them to share their turkeys with their families and to pray a thanksgiving prayer for something or someone in each category each day until Thanksgiving.

To take this project to the next level, challenge families to do this activity at home and post their flock of turkeys on social media. Make sure they know to tag your church in their posts.

Heather Keller is the GA and CA consultant at national WMU. This season, Heather is especially thankful for her grandparents’ legacy of love and laughter.


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