Tips for Planning Your Next Lesson

Each week, children's missions leaders read a multi-page lesson and choose what will fit their group, their church, and their community. Some leaders always choose the same pieces of the lesson to teach. Other leaders decide to use the Prereader/Lad or Preteen/Crusader portions of the lesson based on the content. Still others use bits and pieces and add their own spin. Whatever your method, consider these thoughts as you plan your next lesson:

  • Kids need to move, sometimes. Kids are movers by nature. Some movement can enhance a lesson, but too much movement may cause a distraction. As you plan a lesson, consider how much movement is required throughout your classroom and if that movement is going to create a distraction or help kids focus more on the lesson.
  • Many kids are visual learners. Plan to bring objects that support your lesson, decorate your room with items or pictures from the area, and use your posters (from GA Leader KitRA Leader Kit, or Children in Action Leader) to show kids more about what you are discussing each week.
  • Think about your group of kids as you plan. Consider the ways they like to learn and what gets them excited. Remember activities you've done in the past that they enjoyed, as well as activities they may not have liked as much.

Planning a weekly lesson can be challenging, but when you approach it with the idea of making the lesson what your specific group needs, it is rewarding. Your missions discipleship time will be better because you took the time to consider the needs of the kids you lead.


by Heather Keller


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