My Time at WMU

As a rising college senior, I chose to spend over half of my summer at a full-time, 36-hour-per-week, unpaid internship at WMU. And, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

No, it’s not quite “the real world,” but it is pretty close. My internship allowed me to test out the career field that I’m interested in for my future. It showed me what a full-time, year-round job on the Children’s Resource Team at WMU would look like. It gave me a glance at not just a career with WMU, but also at any company with publishing or editing aspects.

The scope of the work I was able to do was incredible. I did everything from writing blogs, to copyediting, to designing graphics and page layouts. I was also given the opportunity to begin developing a brand new product.

There was one assignment, however, that stood out from the rest. My supervisor asked me to write an article for one of the magazines. I had done plenty of blog writing up to that point, but being asked to write a real article for a real publication was amazing. The confidence boost it gave me was unreal. For me, it was confirmation that this type of career is exactly what I want to do, and it’s something that I’m good at. For someone whose ultimate dream job is to be an author/writer, being able to say that I am already a published writer is amazing.

Not only did I love the work that I was able to do, but the environment and the people were equally as wonderful. I felt nothing but encouragement and support during my entire internship. It was refreshing to work in an environment where everyone is passionate about missions and spreading the love of Christ to all nations. The concentration on different age groups opened my eyes to the impact that everyone can have on the missions field. No matter your age or where you live, you can have a meaningful impact on the local, national, and international missions field.

This internship provided me with valuable work experience, along with personal and spiritual growth. In my book, it doesn’t get much better than that.

I can’t promise you that all internship experiences will be as great as mine, but whether at WMU or somewhere else, internships are definitely worth it.


Jessica Ingram served as the Children’s Resource Team intern this summer.


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