Get 'em Before They're Gone!

I guess I'm like most men. I really don't like shopping. Oh, I'll go to the hardware store. That's okay. Or, I'll go to the sporting goods store if I really need something. But, most of the time when I have to shop, I'd rather do it online in the comfort of my own home or office. And when I shop online, I love the fact that I don't have to wait in long lines to accomplish the task at hand — you know, "Need it, find it, buy it and wait for it to be delivered to me."

Once a year, national WMU offers an incredible clearance sale that even I like — great items, great variety and really great prices! All I have to remember for this particular sale is that when the stock has been depleted, it is sold out. There are no back orders.

Right now is the time for the annual clearance sale! There are some great items available — at great prices — for children's missions leaders like you! But if you don't want to miss out on these great deals, you'd better hurry. Once an item has sold out, it is gone for good.

The following items are included in this year's WMU Clearance Sale:

Product Number       Product Name

W147107                    All for You Badge/Patch

W177107                    CA Attendance Chart and Badge Posters 2017 – 2018

C147101                     Chevron 2015

C157108                     Chevron 2016

W157107                    Children’s Ministry Day 2016 Badge/Patch: All for You

W177110                    GA Attendance Chart and Badge Posters 2017 – 2018

W167114                    GA Parent Car Magnet

W107118                    GA World Map

W167106                    Mission: My Life Promotion Pack

W177119                    RA Attendance Chart and Patch Posters 2017 – 2018

M167106                    RA Parent Car Magnet

M147104                    RA World Map

W107120                    Scrapbooking Badge

To see a full description of the items listed above, simply visit On that site, you'll see a photo of the clearance item, a description of the product and the reduced price. Please remember: Items on the clearance list are in short supply, and once the items are sold out, they are gone! So, as you look over the list of clearance items and see something you would like to order, don't wait or you may miss out on a great deal.

So, whether you hate shopping or simply prefer to order online, now's the time to check out the WMU Clearance Sale. It's a great way to stock up on some needed missions education supplies and to save money at the same time! Even I appreciate that!

M. Steve Heartsill is the design editor for Royal Ambassadors and Challengers. He loves his wife, his son, and exploring the world.


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