What WMU Taught Me

For the past 8 weeks, I have been a summer intern at national WMU on the Children's Resource Team. I was never a GA or an Acteen, so my exposure to and knowledge about WMU has always been limited. I have learned so much about missions and the importance of missional living in these past 8 weeks.

As I look back on my time here, I cannot help but to smile when I think of all the wonderful people I have met and all the incredible opportunities I have had here. All across WMU's publications, the importance of missional living and investing in others is reiterated time after time, and let me tell you—that is being lived out every day in these offices. On a daily basis, most everyone in this building is constantly praying for the churches, leaders, students, kids, and adults who are being reached by WMU. The people here are so passionate about what WMU stands for and the work that it does.

Missional living is so incredibly important for Christians. The Great Commission commands us to go into the world preaching, teaching, and baptizing. But we don't have to go across the world to a foreign country to do that; we can live out the Great Commission in our schools, neighborhoods, and communities. There are people in our own backyards who don't know Jesus, and it is our duty as Christians to show them the love of Christ.

I may be a little biased because I've been working with the Children's Resource Team, but living your life on mission—just like any other life skill—starts as a kid. How can we expect the next generation of Christians to live out the Great Commission—whether at home or abroad—if we don't teach them and show them how to do it? Just as we disciple our adults, youth, and new believers, we need to disciple our kids. I have always volunteered in the kid's ministry at my church, and this past spring I did a children's ministry internship at a church in Birmingham. Each time I lead children's church or a small group, the kids are so bright and curious. They always ask such intuitive and deep questions. It is so important that we as leaders and volunteers answer these questions and then equip our kids to share about Jesus with their friends. We need to give our kids the tools they need to be faithful Christian adults, and WMU does that.

From the moment I walked into WMU on my first day, I felt loved; that's how our kids and our visitors need to feel every single time they walk into our churches or our meeting spaces. The women and men who work here at WMU are such amazing examples of what it means to live a life on mission. The values of WMU are values that will stay with me always, and these values and incredible people are not exclusive to the national office. I have come to learn that state WMUs and leaders across the nation are such awesome examples of what it means to be a Christian living his or her life on mission.

My experience here has truly been an incredible one and one that will shape me as a Christian woman and as a person in general. I am so thankful for WMU and, more importantly, the people I have met and learned about as a result of it. I am inspired by every single one of you, and I thank you for being a part of the awesome mission of WMU. You are touching so many lives, including mine.


Bayley Sharp was a summer intern at national WMU on the Children's Resource Team. She will be a junior at Samford University and is studying Secondary Education. Bayley loves to binge watch Netflix and usually has a cup of coffee in her hands!


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