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I have a problem. But it’s a good problem! You may know that I lead younger GAs at my church. We started the year strong, with 14 girls in attendance. And each subsequent week, we have added a few new girls to the group. Now don’t get me wrong—this is so exciting and thrills my soul! But it’s a lot of girls—energetic, giggly, socially interactive girls—in a relatively small space!

Additionally, when you combine fresh first graders with seasoned third graders, you face a different set of challenges, such as various reading levels, skill sets, and abilities. So, after a slightly loud and chaotic meeting last week, my co-leaders and I decided to try something new for this week—centers!

By rotating the girls through 3 centers, we knew that we could have more focused time with the girls and better meet individual needs as well. We began our time together as a group with the Opening activity. Then, we divided the girls into 3 groups according to grade level. Fortunately, we had about the same number of girls in each grade. Different activities from the lesson became our center activities, and each center had an adult leader. We set a timer and the girls were able to rotate through each center activity. At the conclusion of our meeting time, all the girls gathered together for the Closing activity and Prayertime.

Overall, incorporating the use of centers into our weekly meeting was the perfect solution for my GA group. The girls were more engaged, and we were able to accomplish more. Our time together was more purposefully spent learning about missions and less about crowd control! As leaders, we felt better about the direction of our meeting, and the girls seemed to love it.

And that’s the beauty of the weekly lessons you find in GA Leader, RA Leader, and Children in Action Leader! You can take them and customize them to meet the needs of your own group of children. We know every group is not the same, so we have given you options. You even have the freedom to think outside the box! We want you to do what works best for you and your missions group.

What about you? How do you customize the weekly lessons for your missions group? We’d love to hear your ideas. Please share them with us on,,, or Your ideas may spark some other great ideas!

by Melissa Whetstone 


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