A Childlike Faith

This past week in GA, as we learned about missionaries serving in Miami, Florida, I asked girls to think about their own personal testimony and how they could share it with a friend. Children, being concrete learners, need examples, so I shared my story with them:

I was born into a loving, Christian home in the heart of the Bible belt. My parents took me to church every Sunday (not once, but twice) and every Wednesday night. I was blessed with wonderful Sunday School teachers, missions leaders (Mission Friends, GA, and Acteens), and ministers (children, youth, and music) who taught me Bible stories, engrained biblical principles into my daily living, and demonstrated God’s love through missional lifestyles. At the age of seven, I asked Jesus into my heart and made a personal commitment to follow Him as my Savior through baptism. From that moment on, God gave me a desire to serve people and a heart for missions.

As a high school student, I heard God calling me to “go and do” missions. Summers were spent trekking all over the country and even a few international spots to tell people about Jesus. These short-term missions experiences fueled my desire to serve Him long-term on the mission field.

However, my personal agenda and His plan for me did not exactly coincide. While I sought to follow my own path (which always led to closed doors), He faithfully led me in His direction. As a result, I have devoted most of my life to serving children—my “people group”—in a variety of ways. 

Then, nearly two years ago, God perfectly placed me at National WMU to serve as the design editor on the Children’s Resource Team.  In this role, God combines my love for both children and missions. He is using me to produce missions education curriculum to equip the next generation for missions. I now see clearly how God has been preparing me my whole life to best serve Him.

Throughout my life, in both good and bad times, I have never doubted God’s love for me. He loves me so much that He sent His only Son to die for my sins. I know that He cares for me—even me, despite all my shortcomings and the more “important” things that seem to be happening in the world. And because of this, I know I can call on Him anytime, anywhere. I think the children’s song, “Jesus Loves Me,” accurately sums up my faith—Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.  But more importantly, Jesus loves all the children of the world, and God wants me to tell them. It may be childlike, but in the end, it’s what really matters.

This is my testimony. What’s yours?

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