Get Ready for Acteens!

Your sixth-grade Girls in Action will soon become Acteens. As a GA leader, you have a vital role in helping each sixth-grader make a smooth and successful transition to Acteens. Your support will help them take this next step toward a lifetime of missions involvement.

Help build anticipation for the Acteens experience that awaits your sixth-grade GAs:

  1. Write a letter to each GA with a Top 10 list of why Acteens is awesome!
  2. If you were an Acteen, share stories of your Acteens experiences.
  3. Ask the Acteens leader to write to each GA with a "Welcome to Acteens" letter.
  4. Recruit some Acteens to serve as “big sisters” for your rising Acteens. During the summer months before the transition to Acteens, have Acteens girls mentor the sixth-grade GAs. The Acteens might write notes of encouragement to their GA “little sisters” or plan an activity for them to do together. Plan for Acteens and sixth-grade GAs to lead an element of worship and sit together during the service.

Your active involvement in this transition process will help sixth-grade GAs take the next step in their missions education with ease and enthusiasm. You have an important role in helping GAs get ready for Acteens!


by Edith H. Fisher

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