The Next Incredible Step: Acteens

Missions education is a progression of learning, praying, giving, and doing that takes children on a journey toward a missions lifestyle. Each stage of life provides new experiences for growth and maturity. Involvement in learning to be more like Jesus by loving and helping others should not end when a girl completes the sixth grade. Her missions education does not need to end with GA. 

Transitions can be a bit scary and sometimes difficult. You can help make the progression from Girls in Action to Acteens an easy move by inviting the Acteens to do projects and activities with the girls. GAs and Acteens can develop friendships and respect for each other when they work together. Let GAs see how awesome the Acteens are. Help remove the anxiety and uncertainty of Acteens by providing opportunities for GA girls to get to know the Acteens girls. Coordinate and communicate with the Acteens leader on how to help with the transition.

Here are some Girls in Action and Acteens interaction ideas:

  • Arrange for Girls in Action and Acteens to work together on a hands-on project that will allow time for conversation between the girls while they are helping others. 
  • Have GAs lead the prayer activity at an Acteens meeting. 
  • Invite an Acteen to a GA meeting to share about Acteens and why Acteens is important to her.

Help prepare GAs for the next incredible step in missions education—ACTEENS!


by Edith H. Fisher

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