Got Camp?

Many years ago, I had my first spend-the-night camp experience at Girls in Action camp at Shocco Springs Baptist Assembly in Talladega, Alabama. One of my very best friends—another GA at my church—talked me into going with her. I loved GA with all my heart, so it was an easy sell!

I still remember that experience like it was yesterday. I enjoyed all the typical camp activities like swimming, hiking, canoeing, arts and crafts, staying up late, and making new friends. But, more importantly, I also got to worship God, learn about missions, meet missionaries, and participate in daily devotions with other girls who loved GA as much as I did. Apparently, my only complaint was all the walking up and down the “great big hill” from our cabin to the dining hall and swimming pool. (At least, that’s what my parents say—and they still have the letters to prove it! For the record, it is really steep!)

This past Sunday afternoon, children from my church boarded a bus to head to children’s camp several hours away. For many, this is their first camp experience. Others—like my son—are seasoned veterans. Regardless whether this is their first or fifth time to go, children’s camp is a unique opportunity for everyone to have an awesome adventure with their church friends while learning more about Jesus and missions, too. Many children will make professions of faith this coming week just as my son did last year. There are no sweeter words than hearing your child tell you that his very favorite part about camp was asking Jesus to come live in his heart!

While it may be too late to add camp to this summer’s agenda, think ahead to next summer. As children’s missions leaders, you can start now promoting GA, RA, and children’s camps in your area. Invite children to spend a few days next summer participating in fun activities, praising God, and learning about missions. It will be one of those lifetime experiences they will never forget!

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