Meet Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a GA leader at the First Baptist Church in Marshall, Missouri. The wife and a mother of two says God has given her the gift and love of teaching the Bible. Naomi’s personality shines with a love of Jesus and a passion for spreading His love to her community.

Naomi decided to become a GA leader after attending a GA sleepover with her daughter. Through interacting with the girls at the event, she felt led to share her faith and invest in the girls’ lives. She signed up to become the leader of the first- and second grade GA group at her church.

Through GA, Naomi says God has shown her how the Great Commission is an important part of Christian life in which she can take part and see lives change in her own community. “It’s the basics of life, really—a childlike faith, strong enough to move mountains and transform entire households’ lives and wellbeing from the inside out.”

Many of the girls in Naomi’s group do not attend church regularly, so the only time they have to hear God’s word is through their time in GA. “We only get them for an hour,” she says, “so it feels like one very special chance every week to get to learn more about Jesus, learn to love, and share, and give, and grow, and praise, and fellowship together.” Some of the girls have told Naomi they come to GA because they know the leaders will give them something. “I’m so glad they let us hug them and give them a smile and remind them we have so much more to give them—that it’s Jesus and new life.”

Naomi says she has learned from the connections she has made with the WMU® ladies at her church. Her GA leadership has been a way to form relationships across many generations. Naomi expressed that she is hopeful for her GA girls to form stronger bonds with the WMU leaders so they can learn from one another. “I see GA as the hope for continuing WMU for another 125 years,” she says. With younger generations finding encouragement to become leaders, the GA tradition can continue.

Naomi’s advice for those considering leadership in GA is, “Do it!” She advises potential leaders to seek current leaders for ideas and support. “Swap ideas with people, and get to know your girls and pray, and plan, and pray some more. And get your church’s support, and start it up. And if you need ideas, I’d love to share!”

By Hannah Bell
Children’s Resource Team Intern

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