How Can I Recruit New Leaders?

Occasionally, Royal Ambassadors and Challengers leaders step down from their positions, leaving the mantle of leadership for someone else to take up. This happens for many reasons. A leader may relocate and change churches. Some leaders get "burned out" and desire a break from the weight of responsibility. Oftentimes, leaders step down because their son is too old for RA.

When this happens, churches often struggle to find a new leader. Sometimes, they combine boys and girls together into one missions class. Other times, churches end Royal Ambassadors altogether, reasoning that if no one is willing to lead the ministry, then it is not needed. The boys, however, suffer the most from the loss of their leader. At a time when they need to be patiently taught the Bible, equipped with valuable outdoor living skills, and mentored in a missions-oriented lifestyle, they are left to turn their energy to other things.

What can current leaders do to ensure that their boys will continue to be blessed by the missions discipleship ministries of Royal Ambassadors and Challengers? I offer you the following suggestions:

  • Pray. RA leaders need to pray today for the men who will join and/or replace them as leaders tomorrow.
  • Invite. Continually invite other dads and men in your church to come and help you with RA. One of them may come for a meeting and find a calling.
  • Train. As God sends you men to help with RA, train and equip them to lead in your absence, whether temporarily or permanently.
  • Ask. Has God called you to lead RA just for a season, or has He called you to the ministry of shaping the lives of young boys, teens, and future leaders through Royal Ambassadors and Challengers? Perhaps you are the answer to your own prayer.


Jon Auten is the RA and Challengers consultant for Kentucky WMU.


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