I read somewhere recently that after only one week of camping without electronics, your biological clock resets—causing you to sleep better.

Well, I’ve never been one to go camping. My idea of roughing it would be a hotel without cable TV.

However, I do see the value of unplugging from electronics and reconnecting with God, family, and myself.

I never cease to be amazed by how connected, dependent, and even obsessed people are with being online—especially being on social media. People really think that everyone cares about what they had to eat for lunch, so they must show us a picture of it. Some people think we care about the road conditions in some city we may never even visit. Some folks think that everyone really needs to know about their every move, any observations made, or about somebody that has made them angry.

Sorry, but we really don’t. Honestly. We don’t.

Oh, social media is good for reconnecting with old friends. It’s good for catching up since high school or college. Social media can be fun. Social media can also be a distraction from what’s most important. And, being constantly online takes away the time we spend with people in real life.

Go to a restaurant. Look around at the tables near you. What do you see? Families talking? People interacting? Probably not. More than likely what you see is every person focused on some type of electronic device: a phone, tablet, or game device. You won’t see people talking, laughing, or enjoying each other’s company.

Today, find the strength to put down the phone. Turn off social media. Leave the “selfie stick” at home. Talk with someone. A family member. A friend. A coworker. Talk with them face-to-face. Make eye contact with them.


You can do it! And, who knows—you might just sleep better tonight if you do!

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