Spring is Almost Here!

Spring is almost here. Well, at least on the calendar anyway. Springtime weather and temperatures may still be a month or so away for many people. But, right now is a good time to plan for the warmer weather and what to do after feeling trapped inside all winter long. Here are some springtime activities to plan for your family.

  • Get out! With the warmer weather, find any excuse to spend some time outside! Children have spent most of their winter looking through a window. Spring is the first opportunity of the year for children to get outdoors. Encourage your children to take off their shoes and socks and to feel the earth between their toes. Encourage them to dig around in the dirt and get stuff under their fingernails.
  • Go fly a kite! Who can forget about flying kites in the spring? There’s no better time than spring to put down the electronic devices, turn off the TV, get outside, and fly a kite. Inexpensive kites can be bought at nearby stores while many kite patterns can be downloaded from the Internet.
  • Time for a bike ride! Get the bikes out of storage, dust them off, fill up the tires, and hit the road! Cycling is good exercise for the entire family. Make sure everyone wears a helmet and knows the rules of the road. Enjoy the breeze hitting your face and take in all of the smells around you.
  • Take a long walk. I guess we all take walks for granted—that is, until it’s too cold outside to even walk around the block. Lace up your shoes and walk. Talk to your neighbors as you see them working in their yard. Prayerwalk your neighborhood or a nearby school. Collect leaves, rocks, and even twigs for a project down the road. Enjoy the beauty God has created.
  • “April showers bring May flowers”—at least that’s what the old song says. Springtime is almost always filled with rainy days. As a parent, we can either complain about the rain, or we can grab a raincoat and rain boots and head outside to play in the rain with our boys and girls! Once you are outside, listen to the raindrops as they hit the umbrella. Jump up and down in the water puddles in the yard. Get soaking wet from head to toe!
  • Choose where your children will attend summer camp. Yes, it’s still spring; however, it’s never too early to register for a missions camp in your state. Register now to secure your child’s spot at summer camp. You will be signing them up for an adventure of a lifetime! Contact your state WMU office for more details about camps offered in your state.

Are you ready for spring? Get outside and enjoy all of the beauty that our world has to offer!

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