Why Missions Education is Still Relevant

A new church year is underway. It could be you’ve served in children’s missions education for years, or it could be that this is your first year. Either way, there may be times over the next year that you will wonder just how relevant missions education is in your church and for God’s kingdom. It could be that you’ll ask if missions education still has any importance.

Of course, you would expect WMU® to say that missions education is vital! After all, missions education is all that we are about! But, to answer the question about the relevance of missions education, you’ll need more than our word on it.

So, what is the relevance of missions education in 2015? Why should churches continue with missions education programs for children? Here are three reasons to consider.

  1. Missions education is relevant because of Jesus’ death on the cross. The cross has always been at the center of our faith. At the cross, God demonstrated His love for mankind. At the cross, Jesus provided a way for everyone to be forgiven of sin. Because Jesus died for the sins of the world, missions education leaders should be concerned about reaching every individual with the gospel.
  2. Missions education is relevant because of Jesus’ command. In the Gospels and also in the Book of Acts, Jesus gave the Great Commission. A careful reading of the Great Commission reveals that it isn’t an option! The Great Commission is a mandate to obey. As missions leaders, we must allow God’s heart for the world to become our heart. We must tell the world.
  3. Missions education is relevant because Jesus will return one day. If we believe in the imminent return of Jesus, then sharing the gospel with students, adults, neighbors, our family, etc., will become an urgent priority for us.
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