Christmas in August

What do you think of when you think about Christmas? Happiness, family, giving and receiving gifts all come to mind, and as Christians, we certainly consider Christmastime to be a time to remember and share the greatest gift ever given to mankind—God’s very Son. Christmas is a time to remember the way God sent his Son. It is so unlikely that a gift so precious would come in the manner depicted in our little nativity scenes—He dwelt among His creation with little notice for so long. But He continuously reached out, drawing in His neighbors and community members, showing them His love and healing.

You probably don’t think of the warm August weather or back-to-school blues when you think of Christmas, but what an immeasurable peace it is to know that God does not only offer this beautiful gift of life at Christmas and Easter! God offers His Gift of salvation through Jesus daily, and it is also daily that we have the opportunity and responsibility to share it. Our children’s missions groups and entire churches have a wonderful opportunity to assist in spreading the love of Jesus through Christmas in August.

Christmas in August® is a way to take part in the Great Commission by helping our North American missionaries with donations of items they need for their ministries. We have a list of missionaries and their requested items on our website at

There are many ways you and your children’s missions group can get involved with Christmas in August, and any gift, big or small, helps these missionaries spread Jesus’ love in their communities! You can plan fun activities to help your group get involved, and we have a few ideas listed for you here!

Christmas caroling:

Plan an afternoon to take your children’s missions group Christmas caroling! Prepare songs like “Away in a Manger,” “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” and “Joy to the World.” Explain why your group is caroling, and someone may make a donation. It will be quite a shock to see carolers at this time of year, so it could spark a conversation to share Jesus’ love with someone for the very first time! You could also have a day of caroling at the park rather than going door to door.

Gift tree:

Invite your whole church to get involved in Christmas in August! Ask if you can set up a small tree in the sanctuary or a common gathering area. Decide whether your church will give to one missionary or have the option to choose from the list of missionaries. Have your children’s missions group make paper ornaments that are decorated on one side and include the missionary’s requested items or the names of individual missionaries. Invite church members to pick an ornament and give an item for that missionary at the end of the month.

Penny Wars:

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned penny war! Have a bucket for GAs and one for RAs either in your children’s missions gathering areas or an area where church members will visit frequently throughout the month. Members can make coin donations in either bucket to be used toward supplying the requested gifts to missionaries. At the end of the month, the group who has collected the most can win a popsicle party!

What is your children’s missions group doing for Christmas in August? Tell us on our Facebook and Twitter pages! We would love to hear from you!

By Hannah Bell
Children’s Resource Team Intern

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