A Christmas in August Story

This summer, I met a NAMB/state missionary while I was at a missions camp in South Carolina. After introductions, I asked about his ministry on the college campus where he and his family work. He shared with me his passion for reaching the nations through the international students on the college campus, but the conversation quickly changed when he realized I worked for WMU. He wanted to share his Christmas in August testimony.

He and his family were Christmas in August recipients several years ago. As NAMB missionaries, their ministry was chosen as one that could be supported by WMU members around the country through the Christmas in August initiative.

His face lit up as he told me about being overwhelmed with gifts and notes of encouragement. We laughed when he shared that they had trouble deciding where to store the gifts. They were sent so many gifts that they are still using some of the supplies! They are amazed when they receive a card or note in the mail from the churches that sent material support and are still sending encouragement through continued prayer—years after being chosen as a Christmas in August missionary.

I told him that I would share his story with our staff and our readers. “Tell them thank you,” was his response. “God can use everyone’s small gifts to make a huge difference in a ministry. We are proof of that.”

What a testimony of our love for our missionaries, our denomination, the Great Commission, and, most importantly, our Savior!

Thank you, churches, for taking part in Christmas in August collections. You have no idea how much you can impact a ministry and encourage a missionary. Your support helps provide needed materials so our missionaries can continue their work, but your prayers and notes of encouragement continue to remind missionaries that they are not alone.

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