Heather's Holiday To-Do List

It’s so easy for me to overlook something during this time of the year . . . a gift for someone that slipped my mind, a special dessert, or even a tradition that means something to our family. I just get too busy!

This year is no different. I overlooked our family Christmas card.

I’ve sent a picture Christmas card to friends and family since the Christmas I was pregnant with our first son. It’s become a tradition for our little family. I kept putting it off this year because I didn’t have just the right picture for the card. And then, I looked at the calendar and realized that it was the week before Christmas, and I hadn’t ordered a card, much less mailed it.


So, I went to Facebook and posted this picture and explained it this way, “This is the first year in a very long time that I won’t be sending Christmas cards. Considering this is the best Christmas-type picture I have of the boys, maybe you’ll understand why I didn’t create a card to share with friends and family this year.”

Some friends laughed with me while others declared that I should have used the picture for our card. Maybe next year . . .

For now, though, I’ve made myself a list of holiday things that deserve my attention. (I don’t need to create another “fail” this Christmas season!) You are welcome to use my list, too, as you prepare for the festivities the week will bring.

Smile—This season is a joyful one! Look happy!
Speak—Take time to say, “Merry Christmas!” to everyone. Even if a store associate cannot return the greeting, let them hear it from you.
Share—Tell people why this season is important to you. Share Jesus’ birth on social media and in one-on-one conversations. The Christmas season often opens doors to conversations about Christ that aren’t possible with some people during other times of the year. Be sensitive to those open doors!
Slow down—Take time to enjoy family and friends. It will be ok if you burn the rolls again or forget a side dish. Laugh about it and enjoy.

My prayer is that you and I will both seize opportunities to share the true meaning of Christmas with those we come in contact with this week, slow down and enjoy the season, and laugh at yourself when you realize your silly Christmas photo might be the best picture you have this season.

Christmas blessings.

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