Make a Difference in Your Church’s Giving

There’s a lot of talk about ways churches can increase the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this year. With that in mind, consider this 10–step plan any congregation can incorporate that will ensure their Lottie Moon Christmas Offering will make an internal impact on those who are ministered to, those who give, and those who go.

Begin making a difference in your church’s giving by:

  1. Helping children discover their role in the Great Commission.
  2. Praying with children about current missions work and their own place in the Great Commission.
  3. Sharing missions stories with children.
  4. Encouraging children and families to share Jesus with others in their own community.
  5. Providing opportunities for children to share what they are learning and experiencing with your congregation.
  6. Challenging children and families to think of ways they can help others learn about Jesus.
  7. Taking children on prayerwalks.
  8. Asking children to share ideas for missions events, missions offerings, and missions projects and activities.
  9. Encouraging children and families to give sacrificially to offerings.
  10. Being a missions example for children to follow.

Children are the future of the international missions field and are waiting to be shown what it means to live a missional lifestyle. As the adults in their lives, congregations, pastors, children’s ministers, missions leaders, and families have a great responsibility to lead children to understand now what it means to give sacrificially so those who are called to go can go when it’s his or her turn to do so.

Teaching children today how to live missionally will guarantee that tomorrow’s giving will be what is needed to support missions around the world.

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