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During the month of October, Southern Baptists focused on Global Hunger Relief and ways to respond to food insecurities of millions of people all around the world. One hundred percent of all gifts made to Global Hunger Relief go directly to help meet some of these hunger needs. As physical needs are met through hunger relief ministries, something even greater happens: spiritual needs are also met as thousands come to know the love of Jesus.

This past week, my GA® group had the great privilege to respond to hunger on a local level. We talked about what it would be like to be hungry—truly hungry. I shared with them about a backpack food ministry in which some of our church women participate to provide weekend meals to children at a nearby school. The girls were shocked that there are children right here in our own community that don’t have enough food to eat. The girls then packed 40 bags with enough single-serve, easy-to-prepare food items to last for an entire weekend. Included in each bag was a note so the children who receive the food will know the bag was prepared with love by our church members. The girls left that night knowing that 40 children would not be hungry this coming weekend because of their efforts.

Hunger issues won’t cease to exist now that October is over. Global Hunger Relief is a year-round concern. Next week, my GAs will decorate large grocery bags with beautiful cornucopias, colorful turkeys, and Scripture verses of thanksgiving and God’s love. The bags will later be filled with all the groceries needed to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal and given to families in need. For the girls, it’s really a pretty simple act—but it brings the issue to light. They realize they can be change agents for hunger by sharing the love of God with others.

Physical needs, such as hunger, must first be met before people will be open to hearing the gospel. Look around. What are some of the current hunger needs in the world, the country, and your own community? Challenge the children in your missions organization to take a stand against hunger so they can also share the good news of Jesus Christ. Only then will the world be fully nourished.

By Melissa Whetstone - Design Editor, Girls in Action®

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